How to Submit Data and Documentation to CDIAC

Data should be submitted to CDIAC using the Metadata Collection Form. To load the form click on the "Create/Upload Metadata" button, and select either "Underway pCO2" or "Discrete measurements" data. Enter all the information required by the form, attach your data files, and click the "Submit" button. An XML file will be created which can be used as a template for future submissions.

Please use the following data file format for the underway pCO2 data submission:

Alternatively, you can use CDIAC's special ftp area for submitting the data:

  1. FTP to (
  2. Enter "anonymous" as the user ID
  3. Enter your email address as the password
  4. Change to the directory "/incoming/ocean.co2"
  5. Copy the files from your computer to the FTP server

If you submit data to CDIAC's anonymous FTP area, please send the metadata information for the data set to CDIAC in the format listed in the metadata forms above.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Alex Kozyr.

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