Takahashi, T., S.C. Sutherland, and A. Kozyr. 2007. Global Ocean Surface Water Partial Pressure of CO2 Database: Measurements Performed During 1968 - 2007 (Version 2007). ORNL/CDIAC-152, NDP-088a. Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 20 pp. doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/otg.ndp088

More than 4.1 million measurements of surface water partial pressure of CO2 obtained over the global oceans during 1968 - 2007 are listed in the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO) database, which includes open ocean and coastal water measurements. The data assembled include only those measured by equilibrator-CO2 analyzer systems and have been quality-controlled based on the stability of the system performance, the reliability of calibrations for CO2 analysis, and the internal consistency of data. To allow re-examination of the data in the future, a number of measured parameters relevant to pCO2 measurements are listed. The overall uncertainty for the pCO2 values listed is estimated to be ± 2.5 µatm on the average.

For simplicity and for ease of reference, this version is referred to as 2007, meaning that data collected through 31 December 2007 has been included. It is our intention to update this database annually. There are 37 new cruise/ship files in this update. In addition, some editing has been performed on existing files so this should be considered a "V2007" file. Also we have added a column reporting the partial pressure of CO2 in seawater in units of Pascals.

The data presented in this database include the analyses of partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2), sea surface temperature (SST), sea surface salinity (SSS), pressure of the equilibration, and barometric pressure in the outside air from the ship's observation system. The global pCO2 data set is available free of charge as a numeric data package (NDP) from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC). The NDP consists of the data file, metadata file, and this printed documentation, which describes the procedures and methods used to obtain the data.

Keywords: carbon dioxide, partial pressure of CO2, global carbon cycle, global ocean, equilibrator-CO2 analyzer systems.

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