R/V Akademik Ioffe Data

00Main vessel activity
01Institution and vessel
11 Ocean area where vessel operates: Worldwide
12 Vessel's flag: Russia
13 Owner: Russian Academy of Sciences
14 Operator:
Contact: Director
P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology
23, Krasikova
Moscow 117851 Russia
Telephone No.: 1245996
Telex No:
Cable address:
Telefax No.: 1245983
15 Vessel's name: Akademik Ioffe NODC Code: 90KD Call Sign:
16 Yard where built:
17 Year built: 88
18 Institution planning cruise program:
02Main dimensions 04Range, speed and endurance
11 Length OA: 117.10m
11 Range: 20000n. mi.
12 Length BP:12 Cruising speed: 13.5kts .
13 Breadth: 18.20m13 Max. speed: 15.0kts.
14 Freeboard to working deck: 0.0m14 Endurance: 60days
15 Max. draft : 5.90m
03Capacities and working spaces 05Accommodation
11 Gross tonnage: 6600GRT
11 Officers:
12/13 Dry cargo holds: 819m3 12 Other crew: 70
14 Fuel: 1250m3 13/14 Scientists: 55
15 Fresh water: 349m3 15 Airconditioned: yes
16 Ballast water:
17 Wet laboratories (total area): 0m2
18 Dry laboratories (total area): 0m2
19 Hold for fresh fish:
20 Hold for frozen fish:
21 Refrigerated sea water tanks:
22 Bait tanks:
23 Fresh water generator capacity: 0m3
24 Free working deck area: 30m2
25 Space for container laboratory: 7m x 5m
06Design Particulars
10Hull materials

20Energy sources

21 Main engine(s): number: 2 make: Diesel model:
22 Power (BHP) each main engine: 7000at 520rpm
23 Diameter and max. rpm propeller: 3.200m 220rpm
24 Total power auxiliary diesels: 2400HP
25 Electrical systems
25.1 AC Voltage: 0 / 380V, total 6360kVA, 3phase, 50Hz
25.2 AC Voltage: / 220V, total 160kVA, 3phase, 50Hz
25.3 DC Voltage: 0V, total 0V
25.4 Stabilized system for scientific equipment: 220VAC 200AMP 50Hz
30Storage40Manoeuvring and propulsion

31 Fish in bulk 41 CP Propeller
32 Fish on ice42 Side thruster
33 Chilled sea water42.1 Bow 42.2 Side
34 Refrigerated sea water43 Propeller nozzle
35 Cold storage of samples43.1 Fixed 43.2 Steering
36 Water samples44 Dynamic positioning
37 Geological samples45 Bow anchor(s)
38 Biological samples46 Stern anchor(s)
39 Space for portable instruments47 Deepsea anchor
07Fixed equipment
10Navigation and communication

Nav. equip: Radar Loran Decca SatNav Gyro DopLog
Comms: Fax SatCom
Comm sat:

22 Echosounders for scientific research: 15kHz 45kHz
24 Sonar:
27 Provisions for silent ship operation: Silent Ship

41 Oceanographic winches: number: 9
41.1 Steel wire length: 7500m, safe working load: 4tons
41.2 Conducting cable length: 7500m, safe working load: 4tons
41.3 Other, specify: length: 0m safe working load: 0tons
42 Winch for bottom sampling, wire length: 8500m, safe working load: 10tons
44 Gantry
44.1 Position: Stern
44.2 Clearance above deck: 7m and outboard extension: 5m
44.3 Safe working load at max. reach: 12tons
45 Crane
45.1 Position: Stern
45.2 Max reach: 18m and outboard extension: 3m
45.3 Safe working load at max. reach: 5tons
46 Other winches for instruments or sampling:
50Electronic data processing equipment permanently available on board

51/52 Computers: IBM PC,AMIGA 2000,:
60Fish preservation
70Workboats and other auxiliary craft carried by vessel
08Use of vessel
10Fishing methods
20Fisheries research and development
30Marine sciences

31Physical oceanography
32 Chemical oceanography
33 Biological oceanography
34 Meteorology
35 Geology
36 Geophysics
37 Pollution
13Vessel construction and maintenance supervision

10Construction supervised by:

11 Classification Society: RUSSIAN REGISTER
12 Others, specify:
14Published vessel data


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