Indian Ocean CDIAC_WOCE_ODV* Collection

*ODV-Ocean Data View software was written by R. Schlitzer, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

The Indian Ocean CO2 and other data collection was created for the Ocean Data View (ODV) users. This collection consists of 13 WOCE Indian Ocean sections: I01E, I01W, I02E, I02W, I03, I04I05W, I06Sa, I07N, I08NI05E, I08SI09S, I09N, I10, and S04I (1,395 stations).

If you do not have the ODV multi-platform software (ODVmp-V1.4) you can copy one from the Ocean Data View software Web site. Use the ODV Web site instructions to download the ODV program.

ODV is a software package for the interactive exploration and visualization of oceanographic and other geo-referenced profile or sequence data. ODV runs on Windows (9x, Me, NT, 2000, XP), UNIX (Solaris, Irix), Linux and Mac OS-X systems. The data and configuration files are platform-independent and can be exchanged between different systems (Schlitzer, R. 2002. Ocean Data View mp-Version-1.4).

Please click here to download the Indian Ocean CDIAC_WOCE_ODV Collections files to your computer

Click on map to enlarge.

The import of the CDIAC Indian Ocean ODV Collection could be done using one of the following two instructions:

I. Use the ODV Spreadsheet (indian_cdiac_woce_odv.txt) file:

  1. Copy indian_cdiac_woce_odv.txt.Z file
  2. Uncompress the indian_cdiac_woce_odv.txt.Z file using UNIX command "uncompress" or Windows compress software;
  3. Open ODVmp program;
  4. Create new directory for the Indian_CDIAC_WOCE collection;
  5. In ODVmp window click "File", in "Create New Collection" write a collection name (for example Indian_CDIAC_WOCE) and click "save";
  6. In "Definition of Collection Variables window" choose "WOCE WHP Bottle Variables" - OK
  7. Click "import" and "ODV Spreadsheet", find the indian_cdiac_woce_odv.txt and click "open";
  8. In "Import Options" window click "OK" and "OK" again after Importing Station Data window appears.

If you only need to add the CDIAC Indian Ocean ODV Collection to any existing collection use steps 7 and 8 of the instructions.

II. Use the ODV Collection files:

  1. Copy indian_cdiac_woce_odv_coll.tar file (you do not need the indian_cdiac_woce_odv.txt.Z file in this case)
  2. Use command "tar xvf indian_cdiac_woce_odv_coll.tar ." or MS Windows software to untar the file;
  3. Open ODVmp program;
  4. Click "File" - "Open Collection" - in Open Collection window find the indian_cdiac_woce.var file
  5. Click "Open".

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