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Annual Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emissions: Global and Gridded δ 13C Estimates

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R.J. Andres, T.A. Boden, and G. Marland


DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/ffe.db1013.2009

The 2009 revision of this database contains estimates of the annual mean value of del 13C of CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel consumption and cement manufacture for 1751-2006. It also contains 1° x 1° maps of del 13C over the same period. These estimates of the carbon isotopic signature account for the changing mix of coal, petroleum, and natural gas being consumed and for the changing mix of petroleum from various producing areas with characteristic isotopic signatures. This time series of fossil-fuel del 13C signature provides an additional constraint for balancing the sources and sinks of the global carbon cycle and complements the atmospheric del 13C measurements that are used to partition the uptake of fossil carbon emissions among the ocean, atmosphere, and terrestrial biosphere reservoirs.