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The IEA/ORAU Long-Term Global Energy-CO2 Model: Personal Computer Version A84PC (1995) (CMP-002/PC)

DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/ess.cmp002

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J. A. Edmonds, J. M. Reilly, and D. W. Barns

The IBM® PC version of the Edmonds-Reilly model has the capability to calculate both CO2 and CH4 emission estimates by source and region. Population, labor productivity, end-use energy efficiency, income effects, price effects, resource base, technological change in energy production, environmental costs of energy production, market-penetration rate of energy-supply technology, solar and biomass energy costs, synfuel costs, and the number of forecast periods may be interactively inspected and altered producing a variety of global and regional CO2 and CH4 emission scenarios for 1975 through 2100.

Users are strongly encouraged to see our instructions for downloading, installing, and running the model.