NOTICE (July 2017): CDIAC will cease operations on September 30, 2017. Data will continue to be available through this portal until that time. A new DOE data archive is now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is named ESS-DIVE. Data stored at CDIAC is being transitioned to ESS-DIVE and will be available from ESS-DIVE by September 30, 2017. If you have any questions regarding the new archive or the data transition, please contact

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Principal Investigators: Long-Term Daily and Monthly Climate Records from Stations Across the Contiguous United States

M.J. Menne, C.N. Williams, Jr., and R.S. Vose
National Climatic Data Center
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

CDIAC and the USHCN PIs encourage users to make this site their main source for obtaining USHCN data, where you can take advantage of data plotting, and, for daily data, user-friendly station-specific downloading. This site will update both daily and monthly data near the beginning of each year, so as to include data through December of the previous year. However, if you need real-time data updates, you should visit the NCDC website. For NCDC-updated daily data please use the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) website where you will find a directory of USHCN stations. For NCDC-updated monthly data, please visit the USHCN Version 2 Serial Monthly Datasets page. Questions regarding CDIAC's USHCN site may be directed to Dale Kaiser ( of CDIAC.

CDIAC's USHCN user interface developed by:

L.M. Olsen, B.L. Jackson, and D.P. Kaiser
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC),
Environmental Sciences Division (ESD),
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL),
Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 37831-6290