NOTICE (July 2017): CDIAC will cease operations on September 30, 2017. Data will continue to be available through this portal until that time. A new DOE data archive is now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is named ESS-DIVE. Data stored at CDIAC is being transitioned to ESS-DIVE and will be available from ESS-DIVE by September 30, 2017. If you have any questions regarding the new archive or the data transition, please contact

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Global Population Distribution (1990), Terrestrial Area and Country Name Information on a One by One Degree Grid Cell Basis


Y.-F. Li



This data base contains gridded (one degree by one degree) information on the world-wide distribution of the population for 1990 and country-specific information on the percentage of the country's population present in each grid cell. The data base contains the percentage of a country's total area in a grid cell and the country's percentage of the grid cell that is terrestrial. An indicator was developed to signify how many countries are represented in a grid cell and if a grid cell is part of the sea; this indicator is only relevant for the land, countries, and sea-partitioning information of the grid cell. The data base includes the latitude and longitude coordinates of each grid cell; a grid code number, which is a translation of the latitude/longitude value and is used in the Global Emission Inventory Activity (GEIA) data bases; the country or region's name, and the United Nations three-digit country code that represents that name.